Mission completed

I’m finally back home now! The thing that worried me the most about renewing my passport is taking the photo. Of course you want to look pretty in your passport, right? The requirements for a passport photo are pretty strict: the eyebrows must be completely visible and the facial expression must be perfectly neutral. The police officer had to retake my photo several times, partly because I kept adjusting my hair trying to make it look better and as a consequence happened to cover a bit of the brows. And partly because I tried to look nice and friendly, which obviously wasn’t neutral enough.

Nevertheless, the passport mission is completed for now! They’ve taken my fingerprints and everything. And I really need my passport soon, because the truth is I’m planning to go abroad in less than a month!

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4 Responses to Mission completed

  1. Anastasia says:

    Where are you going to? ;)

  2. Nina says:

    Where do you plan to go? =) By the way I’m curious, is taking the picture with hair pulled back or pulled into a bun prohibited?

  3. Paige says:

    In the States, it’s less strict. I had a professional photographer take mine and I’m smiling. I really wanted to have a great pic and it was worth it. My first international trip was to Sweden!

    • Antonia says:

      What a great idea! Although, I don’t think you can do it in Sweden. I’m not sure, though. Some years ago they required that you showed one ear, too. But now it’s just the brows:)

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