Minolta Hi-Matic F film camera

Minolta Hi-Matic F film camera

Minolta Hi-Matic F film camera

As many of you know, most of the photos on Swedish Love Affair are taken with Nikon D90. However, I sometimes also use Canon EOS 650, because every now and then I feel like shooting with a film camera.
Right now I’m also trying out a Minolta Hi-Matic F (1972). It’s a less sophisticated kind of film camera, but I’m hoping for good results, since it has a really light and compact camera body compared to my Canon and therefore would be much more convenient to carry around.

Minolta Hi-Matic F film cameraMinolta Hi-Matic F film cameraMinolta Hi-Matic F film camera

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3 Responses to Minolta Hi-Matic F film camera

  1. Leia says:

    It’s very cute! I hope it takes nice pictures. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera but haven’t taken the dSLR plunge because they are so big and heavy, and I don’t know if I could figure out how to use one! I’m thinking of getting the Canon Pen – it’s small and compact but seems to take quite good-quality photos :)

  2. Yulia says:

    It is so cute! I’m thinking about buying a similar one because the photos look sort of very old and the light is interesting.

  3. Krishia says:

    Hi Antonia! :)
    I’m planning to buy a Minolta Hi-Matic F.
    I just wanna ask if what kind of film and battery does Minolta Hi-Matic F use?
    Thank you so much!

    Anyway, wonderful blog!

    Greetings from Philippines.

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