Mimosa and daffodil

mimosa swedish love affairyellow daffodil vase swedish love affairMimosa and daffodil. These two scents marry beautifully.

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4 Responses to Mimosa and daffodil

  1. Rucha says:

    You seriously are the best photographer I know. I wasn’t longing for spring, but after looking at the daffodils in this post and the flowers in one of the previous posts, I want it as much as you do!
    Unfortunately, we just had a snowstorm yesterday, so there is only white on the trees…no bright colors!
    …I’m guessing these were taken in manual mode??

  2. Sophia says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the colors of your flowers, they will go great with your yellow nail polish from the previous post =)

  3. Patricia says:

    Ooh, I want Spring to be here today instead of the cold, wet, and snow that’s not quite snow(here at least)! And, I learn something new from you everyday, Antonia! I had no idea that Mimosa was a flower as well as a cocktail! LoL! :D

  4. Hi, I’m Camilla…I’ve commented before. :)
    I can tell your excited for spring…In Australia it’s been a really hot summer and next it’s Autumn. But I really want WINTER! My birthday is in October which is Spring here…seems so far away for me.

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