Mimosa 577 by Chanel: The yellowest yellow

Mimosa 577 by Chanel

Mimosa 577 by Chanel

I almost forgot to mention this! Now I have Mimosa 577 by Chanel, probably my most anticipated nail polish of the year. Many of my readers have been asking if I’d wear it, and the answer is of course! I love trying new stuff, and even though I did use a similar polish earlier, I must say that Mimosa is even more yellow. Great for summer, along with its blue friend Nouvelle Vague 527.
Besides, my favorite mimosa perfume is in a good company now.

Mimosa 577 by Chanel l'artisan perfume Mimosa 577 by Chanel nouvelle vague 527Mimosa 577 by Chanel nouvelle vague 527Mimosa 577 by Chanel nouvelle vague 527

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18 Responses to Mimosa 577 by Chanel: The yellowest yellow

  1. Vilken härlig sommarfärg på nagellacket du har hittat :) sååå fint! Kramar från Emilia

  2. Tessan says:

    I wondered if you bought it when it finally came out! You loved it so much you bought many? :)

    Also, random question. How often do you change your nail colour?

    • Antonia says:

      Hmm, I don’t know!.. Maybe every other day? Although, sometimes I go “naked” for days) What about you?

      • Tessan says:

        As much as I can! Mostly every other day. I need to put my massive collection of nail polishes to use! I’d love to see a picture of your whole stash!

  3. jill says:

    You got so many, awesome! Do you get many compliments for it?

  4. Lina says:

    I’ve been wanting this ever since I saw it the first time! But it was sold out even before it hit the stores, everything was pre-booked!
    Now I know to get in line the minute they announce the next limited edition!

  5. Fashionelli says:

    Three bottles?!

    • Antonia says:

      Why not?:) I bought two for my friends.

      • Fashionelli says:

        You never said in the post that those bottles are just for your personal use:-)

        But of course it is no wrong to buy more than one bottle…some of people are selling them for example on Ebay…

        • Fashionelli says:

          I meant that ” not just for your personal use” in my last comment…sorry for grammar mistakes…my English is experiencing not the best period in it’s life:-)))

          • Antonia says:

            Your English is fine!
            I often buy back-ups of things I like, but there’s no need for that with a yellow polish. You know, how often can I wear it, really?)

            • Fashionelli says:

              At your age you can have Mimosa without any concern;-)

              I have Mimosa too…it is an interesting shade, but not so spectacular….therefore I was little bit amazed that someone bought three bottles:-))

              I’m fan of Chanel nail polishes but I’ve never finished any bottle of them yet.
              What I like with them is that they are never vulgar…the colors are sophisticated and elegant

  6. Dee says:

    OMG! I love it! It truly does look beautiful paired with Nouvelle Vague,Jade,Riva or Morning Rose or any pink for that matter.

  7. Sasha says:

    Interesnyj aromat! nado budet v magazine poiskat’.. Skoro poedu v Warshavu, tam vybor bol’she, chem v Oslo..

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