Meet me at the blue café

This place used to be a regular house that belonged to regular family back in the day. This family is not around anymore, and their house has been turned into a café. Today it’s a cozy place with an interior that hasn’t been changed for decades. Many people I know say that this is their favorite place to have a coffee and a chat with a friend, but yesterday I was lucky enough to have the whole place for my own.

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7 Responses to Meet me at the blue café

  1. Belles photos!!!

  2. J aime!!! Tres jolie!!!

  3. victoria says:

    you look really pretty and i like the atmosphere =)

  4. Millie K says:

    I’d love to visit this cafe!
    And another thing: my friend and i are completely crazy about your blog! We visit hundreds of times (well, almost) daily. i’m so glad you update SLA this often!

  5. Hanna says:

    nämen, vad spännande! är det någonstans i malmö? tänk att jag känner inte igen interiören alls, men det ser väldigt mysigt ut! och du är så söt som vanligt! ringen i inlägget ovan var också fin =)

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