Me against the world

Today I’m listing some of the things that I don’t like but I know a lot of people who do. I’ve given all of these a fair chance, but they just didn’t do it for me. Here they are:

- Jogging
- “Sex and the City”
- Paolo Coelho. Dan Brown fits in here too.
- Touchscreen phones
- U2
- Flavored bottled water. Lemon, for instance.
- Michael Kors brand
- Two-seat cars
- Backpacking

Do you have anything you particularly don’t like, but most people do?

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18 Responses to Me against the world

  1. Heba says:

    omg how come you don’t like sex and the city? it is like a-must-watch for every girl!
    and about the flavored water ,I agree with you ..i just can’t understand why they add flavour to water?!

  2. I agree with everything on this list but SexAndTheCity and U2 – how can you not like haha ;)
    I love the photo of you – you look gorgeous :)

  3. How can you not like U2 and SATC haha ;)
    I love the photo, you look gorgeous =)

  4. Katie L says:

    I completely agree with you, except about Dan Brown. I know it’s not Shakespeare, but I really enjoy his work for what it is. And I prefer classic cellphones to touch-models too. It’s a weird hang-up, but I don’t get the same satisfaction when I click something on an iPhone as I do on my Blackberry. I really hope they’ll never stop making the ones with physical buttons!

  5. NY Bée says:

    Lol great list :) I don’t agree with everything (I quite like U2 and touch screens), but I hate two-seaters! they’re so pointless and stupid! I bet most people who buy them are lonely, and don’t want to have the feelig that they could’ve had friends sitting in their empty seats

  6. Leia says:

    Hmm. My list is:
    Harry Potter.
    Dan Brown.
    The Spice Girls (when I was young, all my friends loved them, and I just didn’t see the appeal).
    I’m sure there are a lot more!

    I do like quite a few things from your list, though! I love jogging, touchscreen phones, U2 (possibly my favorite band!), and flavored water! :)

  7. Sasha says:

    to zhe, chto tebja+Harry Potter+LV sumki

  8. Styleabaad says:

    Funny list, I don’t like most of those things either to be honest! I also don’t like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, watching any kinds of sport and beer :)

  9. Meredith says:

    Harry Potter (I’m thrilled to find out I’m not the only one!)
    Chocolate pudding (or any flavor pudding, actually)
    Sports, watching or playing (except tennis)
    Amplified music

  10. Joann says:

    I don’t like magazines like Elle and Cosmo, and I don’t like shopping for shoes. I really don’t like Louis Vuitton handbags! it’s just bad taste

  11. Michelle says:

    I love backpacking and hiking, but I agree with you on SATC. I don’t like television shows like Lost, Dexter, Gossip Girl, House, How I met your mother, the list goes on. Last show I actually cared about was Friends. A while back, in other words :)

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  14. Ilona says:

    sorry if this is too late :)
    I like U2, just listen to their “With or without you” song…yea i’m pretty sure that’s the name of one of my favorite songs from this group.
    heavy makeup/tasteless makeup
    blogs on neverending hauls and other bullshit
    cheap looks
    people who think they’re all that especially if reality shows otherwise
    poor grammar
    lack of vocabulary
    and the list goes on and on…

  15. emmakisstina says:

    I love that you have to point out things you don’t like. You’re hilarious…

  16. Arantxa says:

    Of course, many things, including:

    - Lost.
    - Fight club.
    - American Beauty.
    - Purpurin.
    - Mussels.
    - Leopard print.
    - Champagne.
    - Dark Beer.
    - To replace the original covers of the books by the posters of the movies.
    - Cream shadows.
    - Black and white nail polish.

    I could go on …

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, I love to hear your take on this! I agree with you on many points, like Lost, leopard print, replacing original covers etc, but I do love a good cream shadow, mussels and dark beer:)

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