Make yourself at home

Swedes love to go to Ikea. People feel welcome at an Ikea store and often go there even if they don’t specifically need anything.  They come for the nice furniture, inspirational kitchen models and the restaurants where you can get traditional Swedish dishes like meatballs and mashed potatoes very cheap.
You are encouraged to make yourself at home there, to get a feel for different furniture arrangements and so on. You can even try out the different beds.
Last time I was there, I saw a couple taking this welcoming atmosphere to the next level. They were both lying in a king size bed. The woman was reading a book and the man was sound asleep! Of course I’ve heard the urban legends about people taking naps at Ikea, but this was my first encounter with this phenomena!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Um, and I thought that I was being too much for them trying every chair and couch I saw (I went through a serious trying phase when I was looking for a couch)! That seriously surprised me. I love Ikea and I sure feel at home when I’m there, I often go there with no reason at all too, but I guess I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t be feelin’ at home that much because of all the other people =/

  2. Tessan says:

    We don’t have Ikea in Hawaii, so when I went to it in Amsterdam, I actually did take a nap on the beds! I was so embarrassed, but it’s hilarious that it’s pretty common!

  3. Ana_ILTdP says:

    When I was starting uni I worked for Ikea a few months and I loved it!!
    I love going there just for the pleasure of seeing everything and getting inspiration too :)

  4. Chiara says:

    I love going to Ikea as well. And usually i just go because i feel like going, not because i need to buy something. For me it feels like a little piece of Sweden :) Also because at the exit (in the Netherlands) there is a little Swedish foodmarket.

  5. Катерина says:

    В России все же не до ходит до такого) менталитет видимо не позволяет чувтсвовать себя настолько раскованно. Я тоже люблю просто так погулять по икее, но почти всегда что-нибудь покупаю)

  6. Seya says:

    I work at Ikea as a student (to pay for my expensive taste ^^) and I really love the store and the whole concept and my colleagues of course. Even when I’m not working, I like to go at least 1ce a month :)

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