Make-up stash

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of new cosmetic products, both high-end and budget ones. What you see above is just a small part of everything!
As a blogger I can’t really start using a make-up product without photographing it first, which I’ve been busy doing all day yesterday. So now we have a lot of beauty posts to look forward to, along with Rome-related posts and my regular daily observations. I’m excited!

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4 Responses to Make-up stash

  1. Ceccan V says:

    How about more book tips ? They come too seldom and I know i’m not the only one craving them from your blog you have an insightful way of presenting great books!

    Oh and another thing , something very VERY important you have missed on your blog is CATEGORIES! It’s just about impossible to find all the old goodies in here :) which is a big shame. WordPress does also have something called tags which you could use to!

    Take care

  2. Argyrousa says:

    So much colour!!!! Lovely!
    What’s the “love and toast”?=)

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