Never judge a macaroon by its size

macaroon red nailsThis party I’ve just been to, well, it wasn’t as crazy as it sounded from here. It was rather sophisticated and I soon got a bit bored and returned home(but not before I snatched one or two delicious macaroons!..)
Now, I’m really supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow, but I also have some mails from you guys.. You’ll hear from me soon!

Ciao!red wine glasses party

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5 Responses to Never judge a macaroon by its size

  1. J.P says:

    I’m sorry you got bored, but it sounds like the kind of party I would go to! I didn’t know what macaroons were, so I had to google them. They sound really good, I can’t believe I’ve never gotten to try one. As for studying vs. not studying, my words of advice are: you only live once! Live a little!!

    • Antonia says:

      Hey J.P! I like your advice, even though I’m sitting and studying at the moment. But it’s prety fun actually=)
      yeah, you should def try a macaroon some day=)

  2. Melanie says:

    sv: tack det är det att jag behöver råd så tack !

  3. Hej hopp! (That’s the only Swedish I know).
    Great nail polish. I just bought a similar colour from OPI – I’m going to test it out tomorrow.

    • Antonia says:

      I’m impressed with your Swedish, very good=)
      What a shame the nail polish isn’t white, then I guess you can’t show it on your blog=) or maybe you have another one?

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