Lunch breaking

I’m now having my lunch break (and therefore a lunch – pan-fried herring with mashed potatoes and fresh herbs).
And here’s some of the view from where I am. They’re building all these new districts where everything looks kind of Mediterranean.

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8 Responses to Lunch breaking

  1. there are so many beautiful places in Sweden…I love you country!

  2. Amanda says:

    Vilken fin blogg du har! ♥ Kul att ha hittat hit!

  3. MG says:

    The scenery is amazing. You are so lucky to have such amazing views!

  4. Cinz says:

    oh, i i think i recognise that twirling tower!!! Isn’t it in Malmo? I was there a few years ago to visit my cousin:) I love that area, the architecture there is totally awesome!


  5. Arantxa says:

    The truth is yes. These are the typical buildings you would find in Marbella for example. Very “beach” but I personally love!

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