Look at his face

greger italian greyhound swedish love affairI’m leaving for Paris tomorrow morning! Thanks for all your advice about what to do there, I’ll try to cover as much of it as I can.

The one I’m going to miss the most at home must be Greger. Just look at his face! He obviously wants to come too.

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6 Responses to Look at his face

  1. Cee says:

    Greger would fit in very well with all of the other little dogs in Paris, but I can understand why you might not want to take him along :) Have a wonderful trip- enjoy every moment and take lots of pictures!

  2. kerington says:

    so cute, have fun in paris :)

  3. Rucha says:

    Bon Voyage!

  4. Dovey says:

    What a darling face, especially with his ears are pinned back =) I love combination of teals, lavenders, and touch of optimistic yellow in the composition

  5. jill says:

    I love him! Have a fantastic stay in Paris, Antonia!


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