Long weekend in Sweden

Last Friday Sweden celebrated it’s National Day. It’s a national holiday, so most people had a three-day weekend! Luckily the weather was absolutely beautiful, so everyone headed outdoors. And so did we. Today (and I mean all day!) was spent at the botanical garden, which is situated about 5 minutes from where we live.
We started by feeding ducklings. Johannes loves to feed animals, but then again who doesn’t?

Johannes decided to wear his sailor outfit.

I wore my new ballet flats.

Of course, we had several coffee breaks during the day. There’s a great café at the botanical garden!

We made sure to spend some time rolling around in the grass.

Of course, Hannes and Greger were there too.

While Johannes was napping the rest of us had lunch.

It’s hard to take a good picture together with a one year old, because of how fast he moves all over the place! And for the same reason it’s almost impossible to take a picture without him in it.

Johannes made friends with a three-year-old named Anna. He called her Na. They picked daisies together.

And then there was this butterfly that kept landing on me all day. I hope that’s for luck.

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4 Responses to Long weekend in Sweden

  1. LeahSephira says:

    Loving the dress, so very cute! It sounds like a really nice weekend as well! x

  2. Nicole says:

    Good pictures – I miss the frequent posts you used to do…..but understand that your life is much busier these days. Are you still in school?

  3. Melissa says:

    You are such an inspiration to mothers everywhere. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  4. Ilona says:

    Very nice family pics! Missing you Antonia! P.S we named our son Anthony :)

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