London pub

Ok, guys, Boxing Day in London is just crazy! I’ve never seen so many people gathered in one place, it looked like a rock concert or something! Of course, I almost didn’t buy anything, because it was impossible. The things I did buy weren’t even on sale! I’ll show you what I bought soon.

After an hour of shopping we simply went to a pub for a beer or two. It was a really fancy one, though.
Still haven’t met Hugh Grant.

pub london swedish love affair beer cider

pub london swedish love affair

Boxing day London 2010 monsoon sale swedish love affairI snapped a photo from the bus just to give you an idea about how crowded it was!
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2 Responses to London pub

  1. Patricia says:

    Looks like fun! Hope you get to see someone famous, if not Hugh Grant. :)

  2. Linda says:

    You should visit Notting Hill, I hear that’s wher mr Grant lives. Maybe if you visit the fancier pubs around that neighborhood, you’ll meet him!

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