Even though I know Greger very well, sometimes he really astonishes me with his lightness and gracefulness.

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6 Responses to Lightness

  1. nikskie says:

    greger really jumps like a pro! he looks so sure and confident. i’m currently reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and i smile everytime they mention the name Greger Vanger :p

  2. IgrekBaby says:

    Haha! When I’d read Stieg Larson’s books I remembered this amazing dog too! ))

  3. mn says:

    I really love pictures of Greger-

  4. humblepie says:

    Hi Antonia, I’ve always wondered where you get your martingale collars from? Do you buy them online or does your local pet store carry them? My IG is going to be 5 months soon and I think it’s about time I get him one.

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