Late night cleaning

I really like this picture. To me there's something very continental about it.

I spilled some coffee while working late last night. It was no big deal, I got the mess cleaned up in no time. The trouble was that when I started cleaning, I just couldn’t stop. I got Hannes in cleaning mood too, and the two of us stayed up until early rather than late giving our apartment a complete overhaul. It might sound boring, but it was actually a lot of fun! We got rid of a lot of stuff, too (mostly unnecessary electronic devices).
Only downside is that I’ve got to go to class now, and I feel like I might fall asleep at any moment. But I love how airy the apartment feels now!

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3 Responses to Late night cleaning

  1. Sofia says:

    Haha, började med lite kaffespill och slutade med hela lägenheten. Hittade precis till din blogg, himla fin!

  2. Carolina says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your blog! :)

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