Last month in pictures

Almost none of my blog readers follow my Instagram, so I thought I’d do a recap here. So here some of the things that has happened during the last month.

Below you can see Johannes two days old, still at the hospital. He’s had his manly hands from day one!

Some of the huge amount of flowers we received after coming home. As usual, from friends and family, work and school:

Of course, he’s been getting lots of presents, and we still receive parcels with tiny clothes a couple of times a week!

Taking a bath with grandma’s help:

The first time away from the baby (3 weeks old) at The Killers concert. It went really well!

The Killers doing their version of Forever Young. This song used to make me a little age conscious, but not this time! These days I feel younger than ever, having such a small baby.

Read my mind. This was the fourth time I saw Killers in concert, and this time they weren’t quite as amazing as the last time I saw them at Sziget Festival in Budapest or the first time I saw them on an airfield in Rome. Still, they were good.

Wearing an original outfit from the 70′s (which used to belong to one of his uncles), mostly for fun:

The first fika with the baby, mum and me (the baby stroller beside the table). However, we are still trying to avoid bringing Johannes to public places too often.

What we had:

Some of the other things I ate:

My new device for hanging stuff:

Johannes being cool:

Looking good naked:

One month old, wearing presents from his grandma (my mum):

A walk in the park and birds. I take him out at least a couple of hours a day, because he loves to sleep outdoors.

And here some of our early mornings:

Young father, young son, early morning:

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13 Responses to Last month in pictures

  1. janerowena says:

    Lovely pictures, he is a lucky baby and very beautiful. It’s very hard to be organised with a small baby. They take over your life, but in a good way.

    • Antonia says:

      Jane, you’re right! I’m not even aiming for being organized, just going with his flow. And yes, I’m enjoying all of it, and I still have a feeling that these times are going to be over too soon:)

  2. Nina says:

    Okay, cuteness overload in one post >.< I really like this post Antonia, I don't have an instagram account, so I'm glad you decided to put these photos on here too (plus I love reading those little explanations). My fave one is the early morning one with you, it's such a precious moment. Lots of kisses and hugs for you and Johannes ^^

  3. Katrusya says:

    Боже мой, какие вы трогательные, Тоня! Совершенно невозможно смотреть на вас и не улыбаться.
    Интересно, когда ты милуешься с сынишкой, на каком языке это происходит?.. Утреннее фото навеяло вопрос.))

  4. saeed says:

    very beautiful child antonia and so wonderful photoes i love sweden and swedish people last year i spent two weeks in stockholm it’s a very beautiful city.

  5. Vera V. says:

    I follow you! (@mumkina_chru) But I loved to see all these photos again))

  6. Tanya says:

    Oj kakiye prekrasnuje fotki!! ya tebya yge follow na instagram (tanyadotcom menya tam zovyt, jeshe net fotok no skoro bydyt!)
    a tu yge zakonchila yniversitet ili eto studieuppehåll? a gde tu do malenkogo rabotala? a to ya sovsem otstala ot faktov tvojej guzni:)
    mne v Ispaniji nravitsya, prijezzajte v gosti! rabotayu poka v ekonomiavdelningen na norska Sector Alarm tyt no aktivno ishchy raboty ychitelnitsu. Ili jesli chto to drygoye interesnoye popadetsya:)
    Obnimayu, ochen hotela bu s toboj vstretitsya, 100 let tebya ne videla! v juli ya bydy v Shvetsui, moget togda vstretimsya, ili vu k nam syuda v teplo:)

  7. Tanya says:

    p.s. mogesh na email otvechat:)

  8. Anonymous says:

    he is so adorable
    miss udda :)

  9. Niken says:

    Johanes is so adorable :)
    you seem to had such a great time!
    i love love love The Killers. i hope they brought All These Things That I’ve Done from Day and Age album. i love their latest album as well,, but Read My Mind has a dear place in my heart. haha.

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