Last minute Christmas gift ideas

- Digital gift certificates, such as Itunes gift card (the receiver will be able to choose any game, or book, or album there), Asos or Amazon credit voucher.
- Digital subscription services, like The Economist (Hannes would love this), Spotify (a music service) or a video streaming service, such as HBO GO.
- Tickets to a trip or an event. Concert tickets, movies, a hotel night or two, chocolate/cheese/wine/beer tasting, spa treatment or spa weekend or maybe a weekend in Paris.
- Charity. Donate a good cause in the receiver’s name and give them the certificate.
- You could buy a star! I know people who have done that. And it’s not even that expensive (I think it’s about 50 USD, and you can name it anything).
- An experience such as scuba diving, parachuting or getting to drive a supercar.
- A course. Maybe for some musical instrument, cooking or a language course.
- A photo album. Get your favorite digital photos developed and buy a photo album for them. If you only have very few photos, it might be a better idea to just develop the best one and get a nice frame for it.
- A good book. I know I mentioned gift certificates for books above, but sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing. For example, if the person liked the Harry Potter books, you could buy J.K. Rowling’s new novel, The Casual Vacancy.
- If you are good at it, anything homemade is always nice. A song or a special cake will please almost anyone!
- Redecoration! Do a home makeover. This can be anything from just rearranging the furniture to repainting the walls or just the kitchen cupboards.

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  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for all these tips! I actually print pictures of friends and frame them, then use as gifts , and it always pleases people. And what is the pretty shop on the first picture? It’s not IKEA, is it? Such a riot of colours. Maria, Kiev

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