Kittens in the cold

One of the two kittens

One of the two kittens

When I went out on the common balcony today, there were three cats, a mother and two small kittens, lying huddled up together on an old armchair.
As you know, it’s far below sero in Sweden these days so I invited them in. Only the mother was very distrusting and didn’t seem to dare go inside. I searched my fridge and found some tinned tuna and used this to lure the cat family inside. They ate with obvious pleasure and, while they still seem suspicious of me, they at least have agreed to come in to the warmth for a couple of minutes.
I would love to keep them, but there are two things preventing me: Hannes, who is seriously allergic to cats, and Greger, who hates them with a passion. I left food, water and an old fur coat for them on the balcony, but I still can’t get any sleep knowing they’re there.

My heart is breaking for these little animals out in the cold, so I’d like to ask if there is anyone living in Southern Sweden who would like to take care of them, at least during the rest of winter? If so, I’ll take the cat(s) to you personally.

The mother, who gathered her courage to run inside and take a piece of tuna for her children. They shared it seconds later.

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11 Responses to Kittens in the cold

  1. Nina says:

    Same thing happens to me everyday :/ We have a lot of cats in our complex, and even though we (everyone who lives here) always take good care of them, I still can’t help but let them come inside my apartment for warming up. We usually leave the building door open enough for them to come inside the building, so that they come in whenever it’s cold. And we always leave food for them. I wanna keep a few of them too but I can’t because I’m OCD (there are other reasons too but they’re not that important) and as much as I love them, their hair drives me crazy! :/ Oh well, at least they can be in a warm and dry place whenever they want to at times like tonight :/

    • Antonia says:

      Nina, my heart aches when I see them! I can’t even leave the door open, because the neighbors complain on the cold, and the cats don’t even want to come inside to start with! Think they would learn to, though, if they got a home. Homeless cats and dogs aren’t as common in Sweden as in many other countries. I just don’t know what to do! I’ve put up ads online, but they aren’t working.
      I think what you do is right. You can’t save them all, since there are so many of them, but you feed them and try to keep them warm. I only like people who are kind to animals like that.

  2. Jessica says:

    HOW CUTE! How incredibly kind of you to let them in! I do hope they manage, I would probably loose sleep over it, too!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  3. Monica says:

    Oh no! I hope someone comes and adopts them soon! :(

  4. Leia says:

    Awwww :( I wish I lived near you, so I could take care of them. We have a very hungry neighborhood cat who won’t come into our house (too shy and scared), but if we leave milk out for her and switch the porch lights off, then she comes and eats at night. I feel very sorry for animals who are hungry and cold. I wish I could just take care of them all!

  5. Sephira says:

    awwwww :C
    I would do the same. Technically animals aren’t allowed in my building but just for one night wouldnt harm. Luckily we dont have many animals on the street here in denmark either but there are a few cats. But they are usually taken care of by loads of shelters and kind people like yourself.

    xx Seph

  6. Natalia says:

    Можно cвязаться в Kattkommando Syd,
    Они добавят на свою страницу, и, надеюсь, предложат stödhem.

  7. mn says:

    Oh Antonia, I think it’s so sweet of you to have given them some tuna- can’t believe you snapped a picture of her snagging a bit of food for her babies. They are so fortunate that you would leave your coat out for them. I hope things work out for them soon. Don’t be discouraged- we have a cat that lives outside our building year round (refuses to come in) and spends ALL winter outside. Of course, she is given cat food/water by the residents but I’ve lived here 8 years and marvel at her ability to be a survivor- isn’t it incredible how this is instintinctual in all animals?

    • Antonia says:

      You’ve just made me feel a lot better about these little cats! I will make a follow-up post about them today or tomorrow. How cold is it usually in the winter where you live?

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