Kiko Milano Face Make-up Fixer spray

kiko milano face make up fixer spray 1

Kiko Milano Face Make-up Fixer spray

Last time I was in Rome I got the chance to try a lot of products from the Italian brand Kiko Milano. They have a lot of fun cosmetics, and right now I’m really into their setting spray, Kiko Milano Face Make Up Fixer.
It has a similar purpose area as the famous MAC Fix Plus spray, but it’s less expensive. I use it on my face on top of my make-up whenever I go to a party or a club, and it helps the make-up to look freshly applied through the night!
Also, whenever I happen to go crazy with my compact powder, I use the setting spray all over my face, and it sets and makes the cakeyness “melt away”. Flawless! Normally I don’t have this problem with my current powder, but sometimes I just happen to apply too much if I’m in a hurry.

The bottom line is that if you don’t have a fixing spray yet, you might want to try it. Before you have it, it seems meaningless, but once you buy it you might get hooked.

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