jungle ikea antonia at swedish love affair swedenGood morning! My whole apartment is a mess right now (as I mentioned before), and yesterday, to make it even worse, I threw out all the clothes from my closet on the floor. I did it because I wanted to clean up my place and I thought I’d do it properly. In order to sort all my stuff the right way, I thought I’d empty all the shelves and spaces and put all my stuff back the way it supposed to be. Not just piled up to the extent that everything falls out when I try to open the closet. Well, guess what? Yeah, you guessed right, I didn’t even start sorting the clothes yesterday. I always do that! I guess, I just put too high expectations on myself.

Instead, sitting in the jungle of my own clothes, I watched Mickey Blue Eyes with Hugh Grant. You know how I love him. However, the movie was a disappointment.

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3 Responses to Jungle

  1. Patricia says:

    Whenever I try and sort through my clothes, I end up playing dress-up and get nothing done too! LoL! :)

  2. Laura C. says:

    I know too well how you feel….I’m moving to a new apartment this weekend and my house is a DISASTER…Im trying to pack things neatly but it always ends up a mess. Right now I have a mountain of dirty clothes in my room and I cant decide if i want to clean them now or in the new apt….

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