Italian pasta rosso recipe with cortecce

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

Italian pasta rosso recipe: here's what you'll need

And speaking of Italy – I’m crazy about everything Italian! Here’s my easiest recipe with pasta. I learned it when I lived in Italy, and it’s called pasta rosso (red pasta). There are many ways to prepare this dish, but this is my favorite one.

You’ll need (use as much of every ingredient as you want):

- Pasta! Any kind. Here I’ve used cortecce, because that’s what I had around. You can use penne (my favorite!), fusilli, conchiglie, rigatoni, farfalle (Hannes’ favorite) or even longer types, like spagetti, linguine or tagliatelle.
- Tomato paste. I used around 500 ml.
- A couple of fresh tomatoes (optional).
- Garlic, according to your preferences. Unfortunately, today I’m not planning to make out with anyone, so I’m adding quite a lot of it.
- Leek or onion.
- Fresh basil and parsley (any other fresh herb will work as a good substitute to parsley, but you can’t really replace basil in a tomato dish!).

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

Boil your pasta in salted water.

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

Chop the leek and sauté it in a pan with a little oil in it.

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

When the oil gets hot, add chopped garlic (real chefs rarely press their garlic!). This will open up the flavor of the garlic in the best way. If you want your pasta to be more passionate you can also add different peppers now. Remember, spices should be added to hot oil to release their flavor! It's called tempering the spices, and I've learned this rule in Masterchef Australia.

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

After a while (trust your instincts on this one) add tomato paste and roughly chopped tomatoes. Add water if it's too thick and don't forget to salt.

Italian pasta rosso recipe swedish love affair

Mix your tomato sauce with the pasta before you plate it and serve with fresh herbs!

Instead of regular pasta you can use gnocchi. Here’s my gnocchi recipe.

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8 Responses to Italian pasta rosso recipe with cortecce

  1. Mari says:

    Looks so good!
    So simple too :)

  2. Ivory says:

    Yay you watch Masterchef Australia! It’s very addictive!

  3. jill says:

    I love these recipe posts! Only bad thing is they always make me hungry:)

  4. Mads says:

    That looks so delicious! My pasta sauces are usually olive oil and salt&pepper, but this red sauce is so simple.

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  6. Meredith says:

    This looks delicious and healthy! I love dishes that use ingredients that are close to their state in nature. If you use top quality ingredients, you can really appreciate the true flavor of each item.

  7. oker holden says:

    this recipe looks easy and delicious as well! i’ll try it tonight since i’ll cook for my wife and she loves italian recipes… i just wonder where i can find this kind of pasta

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