Internet: blessing and curse

crystal chandelier ribbons swedish love affairHello, dear readers of Swedish Love Affair!

Here in London I am having some trouble with my Internet connection, so unfortunately, even though I truly love and appreciate your comments, I can’t post replies on them, and I can hardly answer your e-mails. Thank you for your understanding! I promise to make it up to you and all of my favorite blogs as soon as I get back home in some days. I will answer all of your  messages and get back to you about your propositions and ideas!
Have a great day!



crystal chandelier ribbons swedish love affair

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3 Responses to Internet: blessing and curse

  1. Sarah says:

    sorry to hear about that! I hope you enjoy your holiday in London :)

  2. Marthe says:

    I’ve had some problems with my internett home in Norway myself so I totally understand! It’s really frustrating though! Have a nice trip! :)

  3. Sorella says:

    Hoppas du har haft en väldigt mysig jul, fastän det blev utan Kalle Anka :D .

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