I don’t remember why

Meet the sad lady. I made her when I was fourteen, out of things I had around. Small pieces of colored cardboard, bits of fabric, threads and left-over pearls. Old Easter feathers. I don’t remember why I’ve given her face such a cheerless expression.
Now it’s been years since I’ve moved out to my own place, and she still lives at my parents’ apartment. And I still don’t know her name.

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4 Responses to I don’t remember why

  1. Shailly says:

    i still love this doll… no matter it looks sad…

  2. Patricia says:

    So creative! I love all of the little details that you took the time to add. In a way, it reminds me of an apple-head doll that I once made in grade school. Are you familiar with them? It’s where you let an apple dry up until it’s all dry and wrinkly and then you paint a face on it, add hair, and a body form out of an empty dish liquid bottle. You basically create a doll. I loved making one, I only wish I still had it. This is truly a wonderful piece of artwork, Antonia! I can honestly say that yours is so much better than mine ever was! ;)

  3. Beth Quah Soo Jing says:

    She does looks sad… I think I can see her as the lady who loses someone precious. And she makes presents for all the forgotten children during Christmas, maybe everyday. She’s quite sweet too:) lady Arabella :)

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