I couldn’t leave Michelangelo behind

My flea market finds

My flea market finds

Here are the things I bought at the flea market yesterday:

- An arty tray. It’s a work by a famous Swedish artist and shows a view of Stockholm. I was actually surprised they wanted to sell it.

- An old book by the Swedish classic Selma Lagerlöf. It’s a prewar edition, which means it was printed while she was still alive. Although I’ve read this one before, it’s still quite special.

- An album about Michelangelo. I have tons of similar books already and I know by heart everything there’s to know about him and his works. But when I saw it there, at the flea market, completely unappreciated and unread… Well, I just couldn’t leave Michelangelo behind.

For those who wonder, all this cost me 4o Swedish crowns (which is ca 4 euro or 6.5 USD).

The tray. It's bigger than it appears here.

Stockholm is full of fantasy creatures in wintertime!

The back of the tray shows a signature and a self-portrait of the artist, Bengt Elde

Delphic Sybil

A part of the fresco painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the famous Delphic Sybil


The face of the Virgin Mary in Michelangelo's breathtaking Pietà

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10 Responses to I couldn’t leave Michelangelo behind

  1. Heba says:

    wow the tray is a real piece of art
    I can’t even believe it is just a tray

  2. elle marie says:

    Off topic but you have inspired me to start doing my nails again, I just ordered a lot of OPI polish!!! Oh, and of course, that tray is tres chic!

  3. elle marie says:

    Hey Antonia, they are about $11 usd here in Nippon so just a few new shades, I bought the base coat, top coat, and I bought two shades one called “royal flush blush” #v08 and OPI h20, I love these colors, I’m going to post them later, my hand is still swollen from fracturing my wrist though = )

    • Antonia says:

      That’s why I wondered! OPI’s are quite pricey, especially here. In Sweden they’re ca 23 USD! Crazy.

      I’m sorry about your wrist! I hope it’s getting better.

  4. Sarah says:

    Great finds!

  5. Nina says:

    The tray is just too beautiful that I couldn’t bring myself to use it if I had it. I would probably display it on the kitchen counter, haha :) And I love how you care about Michelangelo, I’m the same way about Da Vinci :) And $ 6.5? That’s pure amazement.

    • Antonia says:

      I could never use in the kitchen either! I just washed it and put some of my jewelry on it. That way it serves some kind of purpose and I can still see the picture:)

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