How to take care of fine pearls

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How to take care of fine pearls

I made a post about my pearls previously. If you own pearls, it’s important to take care of them properly. Here’s some help:

- Wear your pearls as often as possible! Pearls love it.

- But don’t shower and swim in a swimming pool with your pearls – chlorine is disastrous for them!

- The same goes for perfume and body cream – don’t let them contact with your pearls.

- Never store your pearls with other jewelery. It might scratch them and they’ll loose their shine (and value).

- Keep them clean by wiping them with a soft cloth. There’s also a special jewelery cleanser for pearls.

- Try to remember to take off your pearls, whether it’s a necklace or earrings, before energetic physical activities like sports, cleaning the house or having sex. This will save your pearls from the risk to get damaged and you from unnecessary pain.

There’s a rule that says: Pearls should be the last thing you put on when dressing, and the first thing you take off when you get home.

With these easy steps in mind your pearls will live a long and happy life!

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9 Responses to How to take care of fine pearls

  1. Patricia says:

    Love this post! Very informative! And, pearls become you, Antonia! :)

  2. Sorella says:

    Jag gillar den sista, låter så elegant :D .

  3. Styleabaad says:

    Great tips, I’ll start taking better care of my pearl necklace and earrings now for sure!

  4. Laura C. says:

    Good post! I’ll ttry to be better about removing them as soon as I get home :-)
    Another great earring advice I got was to remove earrings by holding the front of the earring with one hand and the back with another and to be gentle. This will help prevent loosening of the back, which could end in loosing an earring.

    I’ll be very careful with mine now! :)

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