How to mix polishes to get new shades

hello kitty pink nail polish swedish love affairAfter this post I get a lot of questions about how to mix nail polish together to get new shades. I didn’t expect that much interest on this subject, but well… Here’s a short tutorial.

You’ll need at least two different nailpolish colors that you want to mix, a plastic lid of some kind and some nail polish remover. Pour some polish into the lid and mix together. If you do two coats of polish, then you might want to drop some remover into your mix when you’re done  with the first coat. This will prevent the polish from drying out while you’re waiting to apply the second coat.

I do this extremely seldom, but it can be fun occasionally!

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4 Responses to How to mix polishes to get new shades

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting this! It doesn’t look all that difficult, but the idea just never occurred to me. And I would never have come up with using the remover to help mix the two nail-polishes, great tip! I’ll be trying this out soon

  2. jill says:

    So creative, and you make it look so easy! Isn’t it difficult, though, to get the right mixture? I never was any good at mixing colors in my arts class in school, somehow it always turned out blackish.
    I’ll have a go at this when I get back home tonight! I have a couple of old nail polishes that I never use, but if I’m lucky, this technique can turn them into something that I’ll want to wear :)

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