How many manicures in a bottle of nail polish?

How many manicures in a bottle of nail polish?

How many manicures in a bottle of nail polish?

I did a rough calculation on how many manicures a bottle of polish contains. I think there are around 50 manicures in a regular nail polish bottle, like a full-size OPI, Orly, Chanel or Essie. That is if you use two coats of polish every time you paint your tips.
This means you have to paint your nails with the same polish once a week during one year’s time to finish up a bottle. Personally, I’d rather have my hands forever “naked” than wear the same color all the time. Thus, I’ll probably never use up most of my polishes!

But then again, I’m not aiming to ever finish up my make-up products. I only buy the stuff I really like, but still, newer, better products come my way, and I just leave the old behind.

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11 Responses to How many manicures in a bottle of nail polish?

  1. Sasha says:

    ty molodets! ja tozhe starajus’ nogti derzhat’ v porjadke, no vse laki u menja-eto razlicnye ottenki nude (bezhevo-rozovaja gamma).. probovala paru raz temnye tsveta, cherz chas smyvala lak, ja ne chustvuju sebja v nih komfortno, ne moj eto obraz..

  2. Nina says:

    Eh, story of my life =) As much as I like to finish something up, it’s not always happening =)

  3. Mandy says:

    The only bottle of polish I finished was the base/top coat. And that took a lot of manicures to get to the bottom. I agree that the same colour for a year is just too boring.

  4. Annelien says:

    I only finished a bottle of nailpolish once! And after using mij OPI – tickle my frenchy for two years it’s showing some empty space.

  5. Arantxa says:

    I also prefer to wear nail naked before always wear the same nail polish. One of the things I like about painting my nails is changing color every week, with a single color for all I probably would be bored. Actually I have lots of nail polish, some 40 or so, and some just spoil before they could finish.

    PS: I bought a month ago or so Paradoxal Chanel polish and I really like, but I admit I expected a little mauve reflections more evident. The nail color is very dull not you think?

    • Antonia says:

      You know, Paradoxal is in fact my favorite Chanel polish. I used to have Rouge Noir and Vamp, which I loved, but I dropped the first one on the floor and it broke, and the Vamp one got stolen (I think it’s very rare these days). I wouldn’t call Paradoxal dull (I think Particuliere is!), understated maybe:)

  6. How interesting! I love nail polishes but I try not to get that many so that I can wear all of them.

  7. Araceli Estrada says:

    I have so much nail polish…so much I almost feel guilty. Wearing the same color every week can get boring but I now gals who do it. Their argument? They feel it becomes their signature color and coordinates well with the majority of their wardrobe. I used to be like that but now I find it’s more fun to switch things up.

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