How Greger knows what to do

I’ve gotten several questions about how I trained Greger to come to me when I call him, when we are walking with no leash.
I started training him with a leash. I would say “come here” and if he didn’t come by himself, I would carefully pull him towards me with the help of the leash. When he came to me, I’d reward him with lots of encouragement, kisses and something tasty. Always keep dog candy with you on walks.
Then, when I tried it without a leash, he came by himself. Keep rewarding your dog with cuddles every time he comes to you when you call him, otherwise he will eventually stop doing it.

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5 Responses to How Greger knows what to do

  1. elle marie says:

    Hey there, how have you been, I haven not heard from you in a while? I hope all is well and you are having a fab weekend!

  2. Millie K says:

    Dog psychology is pretty interesting, and so important!
    Greger just kills me with his pose and look in this picture, I love it:)

  3. Your mum says:

    А еще напиши, что собаку надо не догонять, а наоборот, уходить от нее. И если собака как бы сомневается, подходить или нет, то надо присесть. Еще можно похлопать себя по ноге, этот жест ее тоже заинтересует.

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