Hip hop night

Right now I’m heading out to go to a concert. It’s a Danish hip-hop duo that some of my friends really love. I’ve seen them once before, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that time. I’m glad to give them another go, and I’m sure it will be a fun evening, even if they wouldn’t manage to impress me this time either!

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4 Responses to Hip hop night

  1. Maggie says:

    Hip hop isn’t my favorite kind of music, but I enjoy almost all kinds of music when performed live! :) Have fun, ciao!

  2. Araceli Estrada says:

    That sounds like fun! Have a great time tonight :-)

  3. Sephira says:

    Oh who is the duo? :O
    I hope you’re having a good evening :)

    xx Seph

  4. nikskie says:

    i’m not really into hip-hop.but i saw this duo Black Violin, who play hip-hop with violin.they’re cool.what are drinking in the photo?

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