High on tiredness

Due to certain circumstances I’ve been up all night. It’s quite surreal to witness the sun go down and then to see the day break again. You sort of lose perception of light and time.
And now that I see people waking up and coming out on the street to go to work or walk their dogs, going to bed seems really pointless.
I’m think I might as well have breakfast now.

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3 Responses to High on tiredness

  1. Anna says:

    :) Sounds pretty romantic to me. I hope you are enjoying the morning, whether you are having breakfast or if you went to sleep at last!

  2. Kelly says:

    I hope you’ve stayed up doing something you’ve enjoyed! I suppose you might very well be asleep right now, sweet dreams :)

  3. Nina says:

    I definitely know what you mean. But you gotta sleep some time. So if you’re sleeping now, then sweet dreams! =)

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