Hey modern days!

So now I’m back from Copenhagen. It was a great trip, but not entirely satisfying. You see, when I took out the camera to take some photos, it wasn’t working! So the whole day went by without any photography, and of course I saw surprisingly many things I wanted to take pictures of. I guess this happens to you to, when you’re without your camera. So frustrating.

There are a lot of professional sign-holders in Copenhagen. Most commonly, they advertise different buffets and piercing and tattoo parlors. Last time I was there this job seemed to be quite boring, but now almost all of them have bought iPads, so they can watching movies or play games while on duty. Hey modern days!

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4 Responses to Hey modern days!

  1. Heba says:

    ohhh don’t feel bad
    we all have those moments when you see a magical view or something and suddenly your camera is not working or you have it but forgot to re-charge it … I totally know what you mean.
    I hope you had a good time!!

    • Antonia says:

      I did! And thanks a lot for your understanding, Heba! I guess, we’ve all been in this situation, but nevertheless it feels bad every time.

  2. Sabah says:

    To tell the truth, i was eagerly waiting for you to come back and post a pic-heavy post.
    But never mind. There’s always a next time! I love your blog, specially all the pictures.

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