Hello, Monday!

lancome hypnose black eyeliner swedish love affair

Hypnose by Lancome mascara with eyeliner and eye make-up remover

A fast update! I’m back from Gothenburg, and even after spending just one day there I already miss it a lot. It’s one of my favorite places, definitely in my top 3 cities. Some day soon I’ll make a virtual guide through Gothenburg and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

I’m really longing for tonight, when I can finally answer all you comments, e-mails and read my favorite blogs! I’m also preparing a lot of new posts. I’m dying to read what you’ve been up to during the weekend!

Also, a question for my female readers (well, mostly!). Are you a Diorshow by Dior kind of girl, or do you prefer Hypnose by Lancome? I think most of the girls I know can be divided in those two categories! Or do you use some other mascara?

hyaciths white blue pink hyacith swedish love affair winter

The hyacinths are growing, and I think the pink one is about to win the contest!

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24 Responses to Hello, Monday!

  1. Leia says:

    My favorite mascara is Maybelline The Falsies! It’s absolutely amazing, best mascara I’ve ever used. You have to try it!

  2. Maybelline Great Lash is for me. I’ve tried others by Lancome and L’oreal but I always go back to Maybelline.

  3. Ashley says:

    loveeee your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll!!! add my blog in your list..ill add yours!!! kisses!

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  4. Milla says:

    I have tried Hypnôse but after a few weeks it clogged and irritated my eyes. I now use Chanel multi-dimensional mascara and love it!

    Glad to have you back :)

  5. I actually wear YSL mascara. It’s amazing. Loving the hyacinths. They look like they will grow beautifully.


  6. Manderz says:

    My current fav is Cover Girl Lash Blast.

  7. Sorella says:

    Jag har varit i Sverige 2 gånger. Den ena gången steg jag inte av båten och den andra gången körde vår skolbuss snabbt igenom Stockholm och närliggande områden då vi åkte till Norge. Stockholm var underbart mysigt!

    När det gäller mascara…. eh, mitt makeup förråd är inte stort, och jag brukar mest köpa någon billig mascara. Jag testade en lite dyrare en men såg ingen skillnad i den och den superbilliga. Jag måste nog kanske testa en ännu dyrare en!!

    Hur mycket kostade den här? Och annars, vad anses vara väldigt dyr mascara?

  8. vonskareng says:

    underbara bilder! hmm… jag är mera “bodyshop”-typen (när jag har råd) eftersom att jag inte vill att mascaran ska vara testad på djur helst! :)

  9. I actually used Lauder for many years, but recently switched to L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and I love it!

    Have a great day!


  10. Svenja says:

    This is an interesting question as I have never thought about getting an expensive mascara like that. I like Nivea Mascaras. My favourit is the Volume Nanodefinition.

  11. Cee says:

    I’m most definitely a Hypnose girl :) Although I must admit I’ve never tried Diorshow… but then again, in a world where Hypnose exists, why would I ever need to try anything else?

  12. Arantxa says:

    I have 3 mascara:

    1. Estee Lauder Sumptuous.
    2. Lash Queen Feline Blacks RH.
    3. Hypnose Lamcome Drama.

  13. Arantxa says:

    Hypnose Drama by Lamcome. Sorry!

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