Hello December!

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and it’s time to open the first door of your advent calendar, if you have one. I don’t, but I’m considering buying one to help me find that Christmas spirit, which still hasn’t hit me at all. The only problem is that I really lack patience, so I’d probably open all the calendar doors on the first day anyway!

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5 Responses to Hello December!

  1. That’s a nice picture, was it a card or something? :D

    I’m yearning for putting up a Christmas tree, I think you’re supposed to put it up close to Christmas though :( . I’ll have to get busy with fairy lights.

  2. Baby says:

    :) I love the season! For me, Christmas hit me weeks ago, when I first saw the Christmas decorations around the city. Since then, I’ve been eating Christmas cookies, gone Christmas shopping and even went to a Christmas concert. So I’m already in quite a Christmassy mood. I just hope it will last until the 25th :)

  3. Meredith says:

    Wow, what a nice message. Where did you find it?

  4. Laura C. says:

    I put my little tree up yesterday…It’s only 3 feet (~1meter) tall b/c I cannot fit a big tree in my little apartment :-)

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