Today I’m having some havregurt for breakfast, which basically is a kind of oat yogurt. I’ve tasted better things than this, to be honest. The pomegranate seeds improve the situation a little, but not much.

PS. By the way, did you know that pomegranate is a berry? And so is watermelon!

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7 Responses to Havregurt

  1. Nina says:

    Berry? Really? O.o Well, that is surprising for me, I never thought it would be a berry. But I’m most surprised about watermelon though. Good morning by the way =)

  2. Natasa says:

    I thought watermelon is a vegetable…

    • Antonia says:

      Natasa, I think melon might be a vegetable, but I’m not sure. Really need an expert opinion on this:) I do know that both watermelon and melon are closely related to cucumber!

  3. Michelle says:

    Your breakfast looks perfect!


  4. seperti says:

    Jag gillade bilden, de ser så ensamma ut i yoggin haha =)

  5. Araceli Estrada says:

    You are right Antonia. Ok, here comes the nerd in me. When you google watermelon, it comes up as a fruit, a vegetable and (drum role please) a berry!

    Watermelon is considered a botanical berry (a simple fleshy fruit having seeds and pulp that is produced from a single ovary) like a grape or a tomato. I never knew that. Other botanical berries include bananas and pumpkins.

    Those we traditionally know as berries such as strawberries, raspberries or black berries are aggregate fruits (which contain seeds from different ovaries of a single flower) or accessory fruits (where the edible part is not generated by the ovary).

    I never would have looked this up if you hadn’t mentioned it. I love these fun facts. Keep them coming.

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