Hard as nails

I still get a lot of questions about how I take care of my nails, and even though I’ve made many posts about it already, I thought I’d bring it up again, since I get requests about it daily.

- The best thing you can do for your nails: Do not use them as a tool! Stop scratching off stickers and opening cans with them.
- Nourish and moisturize your hands and nails. There are many types of oils and hand creams for that (here are some of mine).
- File and shape your nails once a week or so.
- Use protective base coat and top coat when you paint your nails. I use these.
- Don’t be afraid of colorful nail polishes! Nail polish can be fun – and it’s removable.
- Here’s how I like my nails and how I don’t like them (this particular post has infuriated many readers). If you follow the link you’ll also see a lot of photos of my nails.
- This last thing should go without saying, but still. Don’t bite your nails! Seriously.

That answers some of your questions. If there’s anything more your wonder, don’t hesitate to ask me!



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9 Responses to Hard as nails

  1. Jessica says:

    Nice blog!!!
    Check out my blog too!:D

  2. heba says:

    I hate it when people bite their nails ..its gross

  3. Amanda says:

    Underbara naglar!

  4. Kristen says:

    Just looked at your past post on how you like nails and I pretty much agree with everything. I think nail art is the worst!

  5. Manderz says:

    I’m terrible for using my nails to peel off stickers and open cans. Everytime I do though I think of you tsking me. I actually went out and bought a can opener I can pop tops with too!

  6. Anne says:

    These are great tips! I will follow them as best I can.
    Looking at your beautiful nails, I can see that it’s worth it!

  7. Natalija says:

    I love the pic and the colour of the nailpolish on it, beautiful xxx

  8. ebba says:

    Fiiin blogg .. ! :)

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