Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year! No matter whether 2012 has arrived to where you are yet, I hope you’re celebrating it in style and having a lot of fun!

Let the new year be the best one so far for all of us.

Lots of love and best wishes,



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8 Responses to Happy New Year 2012!

  1. Robert says:

    We still have almost 8 hours left here in Texas. You look well in the New Year.

  2. Robert says:

    Pet Greger for me.

  3. Marion says:

    Happy & Creative New Year Antonia!

  4. Shailly says:

    Happy New Year to you too dear ! Omg I have visited here after a longgggg time ? I was on a vacation back home!
    Surprise I too just bought opi jade is the new black but haven’t got a chance to wear it yet!

    May you have a happy healthy and hearty New Year :-)
    Ps: your smile just lit my eve!

  5. anonymous says:

    Hi Antonia,
    Your posts are such a delightful read and inspiring. Thank you. Wish you a blessed New Year.

  6. Cinz says:

    I know i’m late but better than never right;) Here i am wishing you a happy, joyful, and blessful year in 2012! May it bring you nothing but the BEST!!!

    I was sadly having a sore throat and had a slight fever while i was counting down at home with my parents. But i went to the doc next morning and rested up during this long holiday!!! Yes, we had Monday off work today as well:) Weeeeeeeee….think it’s the same with Sweden right?

    p.s. you look gorgeous and that hat really suits you!


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