Happy belated Women’s Day

Hannes was tied up with work all day yesterday, and I myself was busy with the spring cleaning. So we ended up not celebrating the International Women’s Day properly. Well, Hannes did give me a present, but we didn’t even have time to get a celebratory fika. To make up for it, we’re both taking afternoon off today. I think I’m going to take Hannes with me to the bath house and show him a thing or two.

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4 Responses to Happy belated Women’s Day

  1. Paula says:

    Happy belated women’s day to you too! :) Have fun today and enjoy the early start to your weekend!

  2. donna p says:

    These photos are the mot beautiful thing I’ve seen today. Breathtaking!

  3. Cinz says:

    HAppy belated international womens day! Lovely flowers Antonia:)


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