Hannes’ Hungarian Haircut

Hannes swedish haircut swedish love affairHannes has this thing for getting a haircut on his vacations. One reason is that he’s finally off school and work – usually he’s not very good at scheduling appointments at his hair salon, preferring to do other things whenever he gets time off.
It’s also a good way of experiencing something genuinely local, in contrast to many of the tourist musts. Some might shudder at the thought of walking into a random hair salon in a foreign country, but Hannes doesn’t take it too seriously and isn’t afraid to experiment. He reckons that the hair will anyway grow out again soon enough. He says his new Hungarian haircut is a kind of souvenir.

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2 Responses to Hannes’ Hungarian Haircut

  1. Sephira says:

    woah he looks A LOT like Alexander Skarsgård {guy who plays Eric in True blood} on the first photo, cool! I think the new haircut looks awesome, suits him! And yeah I guess it is a souvenir of some sort 😛 x

  2. Laura says:

    I really like this tradition of Hannes! Barbershops/Stylists are pretty unique to each area and hey…hair grows back! Im going to try this next time I travel 😀 (or make my bf try it)

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