Hamleys, London

hamleys regent street london teddy bear swedish love affair

There are so many kinds of teddy bears at Hamleys, and they all are surprisingly expensive!

A very nice thing about London is that the stores are open almost all the time, even on New Year’s Eve. When we went out to buy a last minute New Year’s gift for my little brother, we didn’t expect much, but when we came to Regent Street we found exactly what we were looking for. Hamleys, the finest toy store in London, was open, even though it was pretty late on New Year’s Eve. The first Hamleys store opened in 1860, so they were having their 250th anniversary! This store is wonderful even for grown-ups, as you can try out all types of unusual toys, and of course it’s hard to leave Hamleys without a teddy bear – one of the symbols for the store!

hamleys regent street london teddy bear swedish love affairhamleys regent street london teddy bear swedish love affair

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5 Responses to Hamleys, London

  1. Rachel says:

    Amazing. I love stuffed toys – I want. No. NEED to go there!!! x

  2. Karen says:

    I love Hamley’s! They’re one of my must-do’s whenever I visit London. Their teddy bears are to die for.

  3. Cee says:

    I can’t believe how many different teddy bears there are in the store! It’s especially funny because teddy bears are such a big part of our childhoods but when Hamley’s opened, they hadn’t even been invented yet :) Cute photos!

  4. Alba says:

    Hi Antonia! :) I really like your pictures here, in Hamleys! And I also really like that you’re a grown-up and that you like toys! That’s so cool! I got to this blog by mistake, I was looking up som pictures and the top picture popped up. I clicked on it and my eye caught on the beautiful water color drawings :D All I wanted to say is: COOL BLOG! ;)

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