Greger’s uninvited spectators

Something odd happened when I was out with Greger this morning. We took a break in a park and Greger lay down to rest in the sunny grass.
Then a family with a small child walked up to Greger, and made themselves comfortable right next to him. They sat there, staring and pointing at Greger as if they were watching something on TV until we left about fifteen minutes later.
I don’t like it when parents take for granted that it’s OK to point, stare and comment on other people with the excuse that they’re educating their children. Of course, people often ask if they or their children can pet Greger, and I mostly let them. But it’s a totally different thing when they assume that no invitation is needed to interact like that.

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2 Responses to Greger’s uninvited spectators

  1. Anastasia says:

    To tell the truth, I love giving an air kiss all dogs passing by :) I’m terribly sorry for that. :D

  2. Layla_White says:

    Having a dog myself I know exactly what you feel! And it’s not about the adults, because I am big pet love myself and can’t hide a smile when see a cute puppy. It’s about adults with kids, I don’t know why they think their beloved child can go all over my “child”!!! I am not children hater, I just don’t like people who think that having a baby gives them extra rights! I mean I always happy to give up a sit to a mum with a child but I hate when they blocking the way in the store with the troley and getting angry when you ask them to move it! Sorry for the rumble …

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