Greger after visiting the vet

Yesterday Greger had to visit his vet to fix one of his claws. Somehow he had managed to pull it out.

Hannes took him to the hospital, and when they got back a few hours later Greger wasn’t very happy at all.

But when I gave him some grilled pork loin he seemed to think that his life wasn’t that bad after all. In the end, he managed to eat almost everything I had prepared for him for a day ahead!

As you can see, he’s smiling here.

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One Response to Greger after visiting the vet

  1. janerowena says:

    Poor Greger! I hope he feels better soon. Maybe a nice bow on that bandage would cheer him up?
    I have several friends with greyhounds and whippets, and it’s like an epidemic at the moment – all of them are catching claws, losing them, getting infections in them and so on. It’s very strange, so to see that Greger also has had problems makes it seem even odder.

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