Green fall jacket

A couple of days ago I received some really really great news (will tell you what it is later), and one of the things I did to celebrate it was buying a new jacket. Here it is!
This is one of the nicest fall jackets ever, and not just because of the color. It’s so light I can barely feel it when I wear it! And at the same time it’s quite warm and windproof.
I was torn between a hot pink and a grass green jacket in the same model, but in the end I decided that the green one is nicer.

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2 Responses to Green fall jacket

  1. Lalli says:

    I love love Sweden and I went there in September, 7 years ago, the weather was already crispy and the sky beautiful, this pics remember me this beautiful trip! p.s. I was wearing a green jacket too!!
    I like this one!

  2. sobrina says:

    that looks great on you and super warm and cozy!

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