Gothenburg is beautiful

Silk top – Smirk by Svea, skirt – H&M, purse – Miu Miu

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7 Responses to Gothenburg is beautiful

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, I love that skirt! The color and the bow detail are lovely! :-)
    Gothenburg is lovely from the looks of those pics….Im actually watching “The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest” and I think it takes place there. Have you seen that trilogy (or read it?)…very strong material….but a very good thriller in my opinion.

  2. Hmm, I really like the color and the shape and the knot of your skirt!!!! ;o)

  3. And also, nice landscape in the background with the wires of streetcars… ;o)

  4. Your mum says:

    nice and beautiful, we miss you

  5. omg that skirt!!! Gorgeous pictures…


  6. what a beautiful skirt!

  7. Thomas says:

    Beautiful city and beautiful people :)

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