Good luck in Swedish

Good luck in Swedish love affair

Good luck in Swedish

I’ve gotten surprisingly many questions about how to say “good luck” in Swedish.
It’s spelled “lycka till” and the pronunciation is something like this: lick-ah til. “Lycka till” actually means “happiness to (you)”, but is used in exactly the same way as “good luck”.

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7 Responses to Good luck in Swedish

  1. Julia says:

    а как это будет звучать по-русски ? :)

  2. nikskie says:

    nice to know that. in indonesia we can say ‘sukses’ which you can already guess actually means success. but that’s equal to say good luck, or in indonesian ‘semoga beruntung’ {read : say-mow-gaa , bear-oon-toonk} ha! wish i could give you a better pronounciation picture through the words ;p

  3. Anastasia says:

    I definitely have to surprise somebody with this word in the next hours. :D Thank you for sharing your knowledge! In German it is “Viel Glück”, what sounds really similar, but in reverse order.

  4. Karen says:

    It sounds beautiful. ‘Veel geluk’ is pretty similar and comparable to the German.

  5. Leia says:

    I think you should write a book or something. “Learn Swedish with Antonia.” I can see it being very popular! ;)

  6. Jerry Nelson says:

    I was pondering the difference between “luck” and “happiness” today for some reason. It has been 40 years since jag har lärt mig svenska, och Jag trodde att det var två olika ord. Thanks for your warm and happy blog!

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