Going to Denmark

Right now I’m planning another trip to Copenhagen. I love this city and I go there very often. Copenhagen is about 15 minutes away from where I  live, and this time I’m going there to meet up with my mum who is going to Denmark too.
I’m going on Thursday, and I’m hoping for good weather!

The pics in this post were taken about ten minutes ago on a late walk with Greger.

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4 Responses to Going to Denmark

  1. Eleanor says:

    your hair is beautiful! and these are amazing photos.
    May I ask what camera you use??

  2. Sephira says:

    Oh are you going to go shopping or? And 15 minutes away by what :O? Cause I mean from the central station it’s 30 mins to malmö central by train :O But awesome that you live close, copenhagen is fun :)

    • Antonia says:

      Sephira, last time I went by car and it took almost no time at all! This time however, I’m thinking of taking the train, since I’m going alone:)
      I think we’re just going to hang out, have a lunch with some friends, and who knows, maybe do some shopping! I hope you’re having a better weather than we are at the moment, though:)

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