Go ahead and smile

Unfortunately, Italian Greyhounds have a tendency to get dental issues when they get older. To prevent this from happening to Greger, his vet has instructed me to brush his teeth regularly. When he was very young he really didn’t like that at all, but now he has accepted this activity as part of his routine. I brush his teeth every day! The vet tells me his teeth look flawless (and he’s got the freshest dog breath ever!). Smile, Greger!

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5 Responses to Go ahead and smile

  1. vonskareng says:

    jag har länge tänkt börja borsta tänderna på min hund. vad använder du för slags tandborste & tandkräm? om du kunde lämna en kommentar på min blogg om det så skulle jag bli JÄTTEGLAD :D

  2. vonskareng says:

    och btw, im in love with your doggie!

  3. Agne says:

    Beautiful smile :-) and your dog is sooo cute ;-) ~

  4. Manderz says:

    My dogs could use a regular teeth brushing as well, but they refuse to open their mouths’ for me. I tend to just stick to dental treats.

  5. Hanna says:

    söta du, vilka underbara bilder!

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