GlossyBox September 2012 (Swedish beauty box)

GlossyBox September 2012 (Swedish beauty box)

GlossyBox September 2012 (Swedish beauty box)

Here’s what I got in my GlossyBox for September 2012:

ANATOMICALS – Don’t Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It (75 ml)
A walnut body scrub that smells of grapefruit and lathers like a shower gel.

COWSHED – Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream (50 ml)
An eco-friendly hand cream with grapefruit oil and coriander. I always love to try a new hand cream!

FIGS & ROUGE  – 100% Natural Organic Balm (full size, 8 ml)
A balm which can be used anywhere on your body, but mostly lips, cuticles and dry areas. The ingredients are all natural, and the container is really cute!

BALANCE ME – Pure Skin Face Wash (50 ml)
Another natural product with grapefruit oil. This one is by the Brittish brand Balance Me, which I hadn’t even heard of until now!
Normally, I’m very cautious when it comes to skincare, because my skin is quite sensitive and can be prone to misbehaving. But I must admit that I’ve discovered some true must-haves through the GlossyBox service!

BIOSILK – Silk Therapy
A hair treatment for hair, which is supposed to strengthen and revive damaged hair. My hair is actually pretty good at the moment, but who doesn’t want a better hair?
The bottle is really small, perfect to bring on my upcoming Paris trip!

FIGS & ROUGE  - 100% Natural Organic Balm
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6 Responses to GlossyBox September 2012 (Swedish beauty box)

  1. Отличная коробочка! У скраба очень забавное название))

  2. Please post your thoughts about the Cowshed hand cream later. I am loving the brand currently (and keep buying more and more from them) & love hand creams, so was thinking about getting this one. Thanks :-)

  3. I actually really love the soaps, they are very creamy and gently. Also oils and body creams.

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