Getting around Sweden on two wheels

Many people who visit Sweden are struck by how many bicycles there are. On every street you see people from every walk of life biking to get to work, school or the nightclub. Sometimes they’re not headed anywhere at all: lots of people go out for a bike ride just for the fun of it.
In southern Sweden, where I live, 40% of all journeys are made on bike. The Swedes love their bikes for many reasons: for convenience, for the workout, for fun, to save money and to save the planet.
In Gothenburg there are a few police officers riding on bikes. It’s just as in Pacific Blue, but sadly none of them are quite as hot as T.C.


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9 Responses to Getting around Sweden on two wheels

  1. Malin says:

    Det är faktiskt ett väldigt smart och enkelt sätt att ta sig fram, om man nu inte ska ta sig långa sträckor.
    Kram Malin

  2. Nina says:

    Oh I wish I could do that too, I love bicycles!

  3. Chiara says:

    I never noticed the bicycles in Sweden, but that’s probably because in the Netherlands we use our bicycles a lot too :) We also have police riding them in cities,=.

  4. Ilona Opengeim-Cherkas says:

    We have some bicycles lovers in Toronno (that’s how true Torontonians pronounce Toronto), but the city is so big that some of us can’t make it to work without a car, plus we have pretty harsh winters which obligate us to drive cars with appropriate winter tires. Having been driving for years now, I can’t possibly imagine my life without a car…I count on the speed that it provides to manage my work, family and other errands run on a daily basis. But, on the other hand, Toronto is also a very busy, business-oriented and a very active kind of city, so having a car helps a lot to stay on top of things. :)

  5. Meredith says:

    I notice that none of these bicycles are chained or locked up. Does no one steal in Sweden?

  6. Cinz says:

    They have BR in Sweden? I thought they only existed in Denmark, lol…i used to love that toy shop as a kid:)


  7. Marie says:

    Yes, I can see that the picture is from Købmagergade in Copenhagen!

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