Gelato in the storm

It was storming all day yesterday. The wind was so strong that Greger and I literally got blown away during our walks (I had to have him on a leash so he wouldn’t get too far!).

So we spent most of the day indoors watching Masterchef (I’m starting to get obsessed with it again!) and eating Italian gelato. When it comes to Italian ice-cream, my favorite flavor is lemon. Although, when I lived in Rome my favorite one used to be lemon and basil, but you can’t get this combination in Sweden.

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9 Responses to Gelato in the storm

  1. raffaella says:

    Lemon and basil? really? where did you got it? I live in rome but it’s not so easy to find it here! ciao un bacio da questa bella mattina di sole!

    • Antonia says:

      You should try it, it’s very good! It tastes like a mojito with no alcohol! Where do you live in Rome, Raffaella? They have it at an ice-cream parlor at Area Sacra Argentina, right by the tram stop.

  2. nikskie says:

    same here in Indonesia. as i travel through several cities this last 1,5 month in the country, i can see the rainy season is right in front of the door. recently, i eat pineapple mixed banana flavour of ice cream, but i’m sure lemon will be great too

  3. raffaella says:

    Ah ok, I understand where is that ice-cream parlor in Largo Argentina you’re talking about… I live in “quartiere” Trieste, so the first time I’ll have the chance, I’ll try it and I’ll tell you my opinion! hug from Rome!
    PS – do you understand italian, don’t you?

    • Antonia says:

      Raffaella, I’m jealous of you living in Rome! It’s probably my favorite city ever. Trieste is very nice, but I used to live in Trastevere – loved it! My speaking Italian is not very good (I’m hoping to be fluent in it one day), but I do understand quite a lot of it anyway:)
      Thank you for commenting, it feels great that someone in Rome is reading this:)

  4. nikskie says:

    well, i’m a final year student in communication-journalism/film-worker. i travel back and forth for my film project and do my research. do you travel a lot?

    • Antonia says:

      It sounds like fun, but also like a lot of work! I do travel a lot, but mostly for pleasure :)

      • nikskie says:

        there’s nothing wrong about travel for fun. i love my job so much, and treat the traveling stuff as ‘holiday’ travel. it’s great, but the homesick thing is a real challenge. plus my research keeps getting postponed (eww, bad example). i wish i can graduate by the end of this year…hurray! and maybe someday, i’ll be able to come to sweden

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