Future architects of Sweden

Today I’m going to look at the final projects from this years’ architecture graduates. They’ve built miniature models of houses, parks and entire cities. I’ve never felt that architecture is for me, but I like to see what these newly trained experts have come up with.

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4 Responses to Future architects of Sweden

  1. Based on this http://pinterest.com/pin/222787512786846682/ (don’t know how accurate) architecture students study the most. Hopefully you’ll see that it pays off! :D

  2. Laura says:

    Nice! My friend tried to do architecture but she just stand the harsh and mean attitude of her professors (could be exclusive of the school she went to though).

    What are you studying btw?

  3. Laura says:

    *couldn’t stand

  4. mn says:

    Your skin looks so beautiful and glowy- is that your foundation or can you share your moisturinsing secrets?

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